Merchandise Terminal

On January 2001, the RENFE merchandise station in Villafría is inaugurated, comprising a loading and unloading beach zone (400 metres long by 40 metres wide), specialised quays for loading military vehicles, access routes for road vehicles and a traffic management building. The corresponding rail signalling and electrification facilities are included by means of electronic interlocking with possible remote control.

he station has three circulation tracks: Madrid/Hendaya, Hendaya/Madrid and one railway siding track. The station also has connections with Villalonquejar and Ventilla.

There are also eight service tracks and two head quays, ideal for loading and unloading vehicles..

Moreover, the upper crossing of the Orbaneja de Riopico road has been replaced by another one with more light. Actions for lighting, fencing and adaptation to the surroundings have also been developed.

Furthermore, it has an important bulk load/unload traffic. To complete the offer, it has been refurbished to act like the TECO terminal since it has the necessary machinery for moving containers, being our company responsible for providing this service.

The work done on general tracks consisted in the modification of the inlet and outlet exits, the construction of a new aerial traction cables and provision of needle heaters in the detours.